Create Bots that function with the Microsoft™ Azure Bot System, and that connect to Skype, FaceBook Messenger and more.

No Programming

No C# or Javascript; no compilation. Specify the text responded to as word or concept sequences.

Fuzzy expert system

You can encode knowledge, like how to comply with a set of regulations, and trigger a conversation eliciting the required data from the user.

Let us do it

Don't know anything about bots and AI? Let us do it. We have a full bespoke service.

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Access and control the models you develop through GraphQL and editor interfaces such as Voyager and Playground.

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Knowledge Graphs

Use our platform to create and interrogate knowledge graphs of any complexity.

DARL is a language and framework to create expert systems, by hand or by machine learning, and to use them in chatbots or standalone.

Most real world AI tasks involve the automation of human knowledge. This can be derived directly from the humans who have the knowledge, or extracted via machine learning. Our competitors focus on just the latter, but uniquely we've got both bases covered. Our chatbot framework permits you to use the knowledge, gleaned by either method, directly with your customers or staff.

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Access all your data and models via our GraphQL API.

GraphQL is rapidly becoming the default API system. If you know how to access the Facebook Graph. or the Github API you know how to access our API!

  • Supports interfaces like GraphiQL and Voyager, as well as custom interfaces for ruleset and bot editing.
  • Run ruleset inferences, bot interactions and machine learning directly.
  • Access the API programmatically using an API key, or the development system using social sign ons.
  • Manage your account, usage data, and models all using the same API.

This is live - try it!

Connect your bot to a range of social media and web chat interfaces.

Our bot design system integrates with the Microsoft© Bot Framework, giving you access to all its channels, including Bing, Skype, Email, SMS, FaceBook Messenger and others.
Try DarlBot on Skype and FaceBook messenger.

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Our plans. Cancel anytime.


Individual Plan

  • Single developer
  • Unlimited bot models
  • Unlimited rule sets
  • First 1000 interactions free
  • Further interactions 2¢ each


Corporate Plan

  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited bot models
  • Unlimited rule sets
  • First 10000 interactions free
  • Further interactions 2¢ each


Custom Development

  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited Rule sets
  • 6 months free license*
  • First 1000 interactions free
  • Further interactions 2¢ each


Docker container

  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited Rule sets
  • Yearly License
  • All Interactions free
  • Priced per container

*when consultancy value exceeds $2000

Why choose DARL?


Integrates with the Microsoft™ bot framework, and through that to FaceBook messenger, Skype, and many others.

Declarative text recognition

Unlike difficult ML systems, you can easily understand and change the recognition process.

Well documented

Online documentation and a book are available to help you use the system.

Uses the DARL language

DARL is an auditable approach to AI that brings Expert systems into the 21st century.


Using DARL you can create auto-generating questionnaires and integrate them with the bot conversation.


You can send emails, texts and call arbitrary REST interfaces from within the Bot.

There's a book too!

Buy a hardcopy of the DARL book or download it to your Kindle.

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