Triggering external actions

Doing something useful with results

Bots are amusing things, but we also want to be able to use them in business. If you have a savings and loan organization and have implemented your loan rules as a rule set, you want to get the results each time a user gets to the end of the application process. DARL can format the data collected and generated in various ways. It can create a Word document report, inserting the input and generated data items in the appropriate places, and it can email this to you or your customer. It can create an email with the data or a text message. Other connectivity possibilities use Stores


If you have a Microsoft Seller Center Account, it's possible to bill for ruleset usage. A dollar charge can be set for each ruleset, and the bot will redirect the user to the Seller Center site to collect payment before running the ruleset.


A bot would be pretty boring if you couldn't look stuff up. Ours is able to look in a local library or a remote data source via a REST interface.

Stores are a new feature in DARL giving a place to source and sink data without specifically declaring inputs and outputs.

So far we have implemented a range of Stores with purposes like accessing fixed data related to the bot, writing and reading conversation and user data stored with the Bot, Looking up the meaning of words, etc.

Name Usage Read/Write
UserData Bot user data collected by the Bot Framework Read/Write
ConversationData Bot conversation data collected by the Bot Framework Read/Write
PrivateConversationData Bot private conversation data collected by the Bot Framework Read/Write
Bot Constants, like the name of the bot or your website set through bot model editing. Read only
Value values collected through the current text sequence Read only
Call Interface to call a ruleset Write only
Word Gets a word definition from WordNet Read only
Rest Calls a remote REST interface if secured or current user has access Read/Write
Collateral Gets a predefined piece of MarkDown and returns it Read/Write