The overall system

How it all fits together

You start by creating a bot identity in the Azure Bot Service, including registering it with channels like Skype and Facebook Messenger.

We provide a multitenant bot service that recognises your bot through the URL and key provided by the Microsoft Bot Framework

The appropriate bot model is loaded and cached along with your rulesets and documents whenever your bot has not been accessed recently.

The Bot Framework is responsible for handling connections with the various channels. You work with a simple standardized format to determine how your responses are displayed and what datatypes, choices and texts are required.

The stages of processing

Bots can be guided or unguided; as in, they can lead you or be lead by you. Most bots like Cortana and Alexa are a mixture of both: an unguided front end that responds to any request, and a guided "skill" that guides the user through some process.

Our bot engine has the same feature. The text processing engine handles free-form text from the user, and can recognise when it should trigger some more complicated guided processing.

You have complete control over this process.