Driving ThinkBase development through community engagement

The best way to develop a complex ecosystem like ThinkBase is through growing a community of users who have a vested interest in the direction of growth of the product.

To support this we have created a technical governance DAO on the Polygon blockchain using Aragon.

We distribute our governance tokens to each license holder, and airdrop tokens to our mailing list.

The technical governance DAO is concerned with proposing and voting on new features for ThinkBase, and Polygon derived from trading these tokens will be used to fund ThinkBase development.

These tokens will not share in profits, so they are not considered to be securities as far as the SEC is concerned.

ThinkBase will reinvest some of its income and external investments into the DAO treasury to fund development.

We will keep token holders up to date on developments via Discord; join to the left.

You can buy the governance token on Uniswap!. Symbol TBC, TBCoin.

New!Track our DAO on ThePass, the DAO aggregator.

Recent proposals

Mint 10000 TBC to contributor

Mint 10000 TBC to contributor

executed 11 Oct 2023

Add ChatGPT-based KG creation.

It's not to be expected that perfect KGs can be created from ChatGPT, but we should be able to make a good initial version that the user can improve on.

succeeded 27 Sep 2023

Add twitter link

Add twitter link for thepass.to

executed 25 Sep 2023

Update ThinkBase.dev SaaS prototype to Blazor FluentUI 3.0 and add new features

The new Blazor SaaS site should be updated to FluentUI 3.0 to take advantage of new features. These include drag and drop file upload, message boxes without JavaScript and a general move to C# over JavaScript.

succeeded 04 Sep 2023

Power Automate Connectors

To create or complete 3 power automate connectors.

succeeded 28 Aug 2023

Change of Discord Address

Incorrect discord address.

executed 27 Jul 2023

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