Full service custom chatbots

Let us build your chatbot

Building a chatbot can be difficult, even with our SaaS system. There's still a lot to learn and you may not have the time.

So we are happy to build one for you on an hourly rate basis.

How this works

  • You supply a description of what you want your bot to do.
  • We give you an outline number of hours and a description of the solution.
  • You pay 1/3rd of the quoted hours to start the process.
  • We build the bot, create any rule sets and either directly integrate it in your Azure account, or assist you to do so.
  • You pay the balance of hours once you are satisfied.

We'll create a SaaS account for you and give you six months free access so you can modify the bot yourself, or get us to do it on an hourly rate basis.


The standard connectivity, such as sending the bot results to email via SendGrid, is included in the price. Other custom connectivity must be requested separately.

What will it cost?

Fill in the form opposite and it will immediately give you a rough estimate. We'll contact you within 48 hours to discuss your requirements in detail and establish a firm costing.