Creating an AI compliance audit

We've created an AI compliance tool for a customer.

Its purpose is to inform developers of AI based solutions of the various limitations on usage in 3 of the world's major jurisdictions.

It also performs an analysis of the technology used against a range of risk factors.

The tool is implemented as a chat-bot questionnaire using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

This is an example of a task that does not fall naturally into a standard machine learning pattern.

Like many other such tasks, the collection of a training set would be a large and complex process, and the generation of a test set a task of similar complexity.

Before any collection process could take place, an analysis of the AI compliance landscape would be required.

Using ThinkBase, the analysis becomes the model, and a large amount of work is avoided.

In this application, repeatability and auditability are vital requirements, and very hard to achieve with a generative AI solution.

part of the AI compliance audit process.

The KG. Use your mouse to navigate.

Some of the KG's output.

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